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Article 1: Restoration in Mind: Placing Ecological Restoration in a Cultural Context.

Edgar, T. (2007). Restoration in mind: Placing ecological restoration in a cultural context. Environments, August Edition. Retrieved November 20, 2009, from

NOTE: Read pages 1, 2 and 5 only (unless your group chooses to read all 5 pages).

Nabhan G.P. (1997). Pledging allegiance to all sorts of diversity. In Cultures of habitat: On nature, culture, and story (pp.17-24).Washington, D.C.: Counterpoint.

from Suzuki, D. and McConnell, A. (1997). In The sacred balance: Rediscovering our place in nature, (pp.24). St. Leonards, NSW, Australia: Allen & Unwin.

Article 4: Conceiving the Need for Ecological Restoration

Long, J., A. Tecle, and B. Burnette. 2003. Cultural foundations for ecological restoration on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. Conservation Ecology 8(1): 4. [online] URL:

Observations, issues, and suggestions offered by the Fall 2009 "Ecological Restoration" class at Naropa University, after a semester of working on WRV projects. Questions included to spark a dialogue towards potentially creating an official WRV Diversity Statement.

Class input compiled by and document written by Lynn Brown.

Cultures and Worldviews

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